American Family Ministry Divisions

We Support Families in Crisis

We work against the drug abuse in NE Ohio. presently working with 5 homes for Men and or women against drugs. We  give grants, gifts and encouragement. Annual Duck Derby at Lege lake in Hinckley

Helping Handicapped outdoor Recreation

Our objective is to find a hole to fill and outdoor recreation is it for the Mentally and Handicapable people we serve.. We give grants and produce our Vaudeville show for them to entertain and give gifts to them.

Building a Better Future Together

Greater Cleveland Soap Box Derby to keep kids off streets in inner Cleveland to build cars and also handicapped race in our special division cars to race with 2 seats . Littlest Heroes ( Children with Cancer)  and Habitat for Humanity are our grant recipients. We have an Annual Circus yearly to raise funds for grants to these 3 great groups